Кассетная дека Pioneer CT-A1


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Кассетная дека Pioneer CT-A1

Among the top tape recorders in cassette format, the CT-A1 is, unfortunately… rare.

Closed-loop dual capstans, three S&F heads, Pioneer’s staple Auto BLE system, high-torque coreless motors, PNP/NPN transistors for the audio stages, a 25dB higher than standard dynamic margin and more – the CT-A1 was a peak.

Auto BLE works with recording a 1khz tone in sixty-four steps of bias variations, recording a 1khz tone in sixty-four steps of level variations and recording a 1khz tone in sixty-four steps of eq variations – then averaging.

At 18kg, the CT-A1 also was a load.

Most of these features would be carried onto the top deck of the “Communication” series (CT_9R) with large reductions in size, weight and… lavish-ness.

Produced as well but very briefly and outside Japan under the Phase Linear brand (Model 7000 Series Two) which Pioneer had briefly acquired at some point before selling it back to Jensen.

The Model 7000 is an exact replica of the CT-A1 but for the color scheme which is gold, bronze and clear.

In one word : shiny and a bit more inviting than the somewhat closed egg the black CT-A1 is.


Track type : 4 channel /2 track stereophonic
Recording head : 1x ribbon sendust
Playback head : 1x ribbon sendust
Erasing head : 1x special alloy
Motor with Constant Speed : 1x quartz PLL direct-drive coreless (capstan)
Reel Driving Motor : 1x coreless high-torque (reels)
Winding time : 75s (C-60)
Wow & flutter : less than 0.03% (WRMS)
  Frequency Response -20dB recording
STD 20Hz…19Khz (25Hz…16Khz ±3dB)
LH 20Hz…19Khz (25Hz…16Khz ±3dB)
FeCr 20Hz…20k Hz (25Hz…18Khz ±3dB)
CrO2 20Hz…20Khz (25Hz…18Khz ±3dB)
Metal 20Hz…19Khz (25Hz…19Khz ±3dB)
  0dB recording
CrO2 20Hz…13Khz
Metal 20Hz…15Khz
  Auto BLE -20dB recording
Metal 35Hz…15Khz (±1dB)
S/N ratio : > 60dB (Dolby off)
More than 70dB above 5Khz (Dolby on)
(3rd harmonic distortion 3% and weighted)
THD : < 1% (0dB)
Inputs : 2x MIC (0.3mV / 100mV max /10 kOhm)
(applicable microphone impedance: 250 Ohm…10 kOhm)
4x line (65mV/15V max/100 kOhm)
Outputs : 4x line (450mV / 640mV max / 50 kOhm)
1x headphone (63mV / 90mV max / 8 Ohm)
Componentry : 42 ICs
194 transistors
124 diodes (16 Zener)
19 LED
1 Photo interrupter
PC : 45W
Dimensions : 42 x 21,7 x 39cm
Weight : 18kg
List price : 230,000¥
  Functions :
Auto BLE (indicator, 9 memories and call functions)
Level Meter with 2 coloured LEDs (-30…+8dB)
Display switche for peak / hold / average / dimmer / bright
4 digit digital tape counter
Bias adjusting volume
Auto functions for memory stop/memory play/memoryrepeat/end repeat with indicators
Dolby system On/Off with indicators
MPX filter On/Off
Monitor for Tape/Source
Pitch Control with Quartz-lock indicator
Tape Selector with indicators: STD, CrO2, Fe-Cr and Metal
REC mute with blinker
Mixing for Line and Microphone
Warning for backup battery
Timer Standby

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